Chennai Real Estate Rises Again

The city of Chennai is one of the biggest urban agglomerations in the country. The city has been known to be the hub of automobile manufacturing among others. In the past few years, other industries have come up here as well. Therefore it is inevitable that there would be a demand for Chennai real estate in the times to come. The city has witnessed a fast growth in the past and in the current market which has inclined towards the buyers; this growth would be equally fast paced. It is estimated that the industrial growth would persist and therefore the demand for properties will be too. Therefore anyone planning to invest in property in Chennai should consider this to be the best time to start. The reason is that the growth would continue unabated in the future.

What has pushed the growth in the first place?

The city of Chennai is a pre-dominant hub of manufacturing. It is known as the ‘Detroit of India’ for automobile manufacturing. It also one of the biggest centres for hardware manufacturing. There is the BPO sector which is prominently present here as well. The government is planning to create IT parks to bring in the IT businesses in the city also. Over the past few years, the financial services business also has found its way into the city.

Earlier the property business had been dampened because of the financial crisis that had plagued the nation as whole. As a result of this crisis, the property business in the city had been impacted. The builders were looking for new ways to sell houses and flats for sale in Chennai. The city has been considered to be one of the foremost centres of residential property hubs. But the sales dropped considerably and the builders realized that they were no longer in a sellers’ market. This dip in sales figures came because of the high lending rates which made the home loans expensive. Therefore the buyers stopped buying altogether. Now the builders had to figure out a way to make the markets move. They approached the consumers and demanded to know their requirements. There were 2 clear requirements. The first one and in majority was that of affordable housing. The second one was that of luxury housing and the city became one of the foremost new centres of development for these categories.

By the time 2015 arrived, property markets were witnessing a clear growth. The reduction of the lending rates in the month of February merely sent a cheer through the markets and now more and more buyers could opt for properties in the city.

How to search for houses in Chennai?

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In Conclusion

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