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Common Signs You Need Better Janitorial Services

Your office is only as clean as the janitorial staff you hire to clean the building every night. While some companies are lucky and have offices in commercial buildings that have a dedicated cleaning staff, you may find yourself in the position of needing to hire your own staff. Janitor and other cleaning professionals can handle everything from emptying your trash cans at the end of the night and vacuuming the carpets to wiping down shared areas and cleaning the bathrooms. If you notice some common signs of problems, it may be time to hire a new office cleaning Minneapolis company.

Frequent Illnesses

The cold and flu season comes around once a year and is probably a time that you dread. Using sanitizing cleaning supplies and disinfecting products is a great way to eliminate the germs hanging in the air and the germs that land on your computers, desks and chairs. If you notice that your workers keep passing these symptoms back and forth between each other and that cold and flu season lasts longer than it ever did before, this may indicate that janitors are not doing their jobs correctly.

Odd Smells

When you walk into the office in the morning, you expect the space to have a clean scent. If you continually arrive in the morning to less pleasant odors hanging in the air, it may be time to think about switching your janitorial services. Those scents can be a sign that those workers slack off after you leave for the night. They may forget to remove trash from all cans, skip cleaning the break room and avoid cleaning other shared areas. Those odors may indicate that the cleaners are not wiping down dirty areas or cleaning the bathrooms too.

Missing Supplies

Whether you’re a business owner or manager, you know that ordering supplies can really add up. Buying paper, pens, paper clips and other supplies can add thousands to your annual budget or hundreds to your monthly budget. If those supplies keep going missing, you might chat with your janitorial staff. While your employees may simply take more items than they need back to their desks during the day, you may have a thief on your hands too. If you notice any of these common problems around your office, it’s time to think about choosing a new Minneapolis cleaning company.